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TSN2 Recording Pixelation / Break-up

Hi all,

I just sent the following to Shaw Direct:

Good Day,

I have written about this issue before and never had a satisfactory answer, in part due to Shaw Direct's reluctance to acknowledge a problem.

I am a fan of Formula 1 and record each of the sessions broadcast (Free Practice 2, Qualifying and the Race). For sessions that are shown on TSN2, and that I record from that channel (mostly FP2 as this is not shown on the other TSNs), I am getting intermittent pixellation. This is not the picture break-up that sometimes comes from the in-car pictures on-track, but other pixelation on the recording. It is approx. every 5-10 minutes and lasts for 5-15 seconds.

I have had this issue before and followed all the advice given (try a different HDMI port, ensure the PVR is on it's own outlet, ensure all cables are tight etc.). The suggestions did not fix this issue. Additionally, this is the only channel I have this problem on when recording (I have not been able to verify whether this occurs live as the sessions are on early in the morning at the present time, however, I have not noted it whilst watching TSN2 live for other shows). I also know several people locally who have the same issue and I also directed the previous advisors to a thread on an online forum where other people also report the same issue.

As F1 is one of the few things I record for myself, the majority of items being for my wife, I am very disappointed to see the same issue again this season. As stated previously, this is not an issue with my PVR, my signal or anything else related to my setup. I only have this issue on TSN2, my signal on TSN2 is 93 with an ECB of 7.2, which should be more than sufficient and is comparable with other F2 HD channels which I have no problems with.

I would appreciate it if someone with some authority and / or within the technical team would be able to contact me to discuss this issue. As stated, I do not record many shows for myself and to have one of my favourite 'hobbies' spoiled by this issue is something that is very frustrating.

Thank you for your time.

Is anyone else still experiencing recording issues with TSN2? Or any other channels? Does anyone have any further information or advice?

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