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jgourlie, how high is your ceiling? Are you using 2 or 4 of the 410s? How is your Amp Assign set up?

I have the same setup as you; Denon 4100 and Onkyo 410 atmos to accompany my Pioneer surround speakers. My setup is in a basement recroom with 7' 2" ceiling. I'm having a hard time getting the full effect.
> on top of my front L/R towers (~ 12' from my seating position), I hear nothing above me even after I raise the gains.
> I put them on the floor beside the mains. Now I hear it a little, but I also hear directly from the speakers as well.
> I raise them to just about my ear level. I hear less above me but nothing directly from the speaker.
> I bring them closer to me. I hear more above me. Still nothing directly from them.
> Closer still and I hear from them directly.
> The sweet spot seems to be 4 feet closer to me and just above my ear level.

I'm close to buying some cheap ceiling or outdoor (can be ceiling hung) to try instead.

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