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Shaw Direct would need to replace all the receivers being used by customers. That's a an expense that would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Even if Shaw could afford it, Shaw's owners is just too cheap to do such a thing. It would also require a doubling of satellite capacity to handle the transition, capacity which is just not available.

Star Choice (the company that was purchased by Shaw and renamed) did use the same technology as a US satellite provider and the same basic receivers. Unfortunately, that (long forgotten) US company was purchased by another (Dish or DirecTV) and the customers transitioned to new receivers. That left Star Choice as the only customer of that particular satellite receiver technology in NA. (A few cable companies use similar technology but different receivers.) To add to the equipment woes, the receiver manufacturer was sold to Motorola, which has experienced a significant decline in recent years. Unfortunately, Motorola owns exclusive rights to the encryption technology Shaw Direct uses. This has left Shaw Direct stuck with Motorola as the sole supplier for its receivers. Add the high cost of developing new receivers and related technology combined with the low volume of receivers Shaw Direct sells and Shaw is left in a difficult position when it comes to making "technological leaps." Shaw Direct might not exist if it weren't for its commercial operations that deliver signals to cable companies and other business customers over satellite. I doubt the consumer TV service would survive on its own.
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