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What you see is simply the service provider passing the signals through from the broadcasters. If the broadcaster sends out a letterboxed SD signal, then that's what you get. If the broadcaster sends out cropped 4:3, then that's what you'll get from any service provider (Shaw, Bell, Rogers, etc). Most programming today is 16:9 since it's originally HD or widescreen. What the broadcasters then do is send out 16:9 letterboxed, or crop the 16:9 to 4:3. SD channels take up very little bandwidth.
lf I can also just add, now that I have more time, all of that supports my point. I am well aware of what broadcasters (and also the BDU's) currently "do" and what we "get."

This thread is about suggestions and speculations as to what one specific BDU could do differently. It is ironic how a thread about what could be done differently generates posts on here with the same apparent "can't do" or "won't do" attitude so typified by Shaw. Cynicism is often borne of experience I suppose.

BTW, before satellite broadcasting / signals were digital, they were analogue.
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