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RE: 3 new French HD chs David1953 posted in the Channel Announcement Thread

As much as I used to say that Eastlink needed a channel shuffle badly for the HD channels, myself, I doubt it will happen. IIRC, the only free sections of numbers now are in the 717 to 728 range with a few exceptions. Also, some slots in the high 730s.

You want to see a mixed up bunch of channels? Come see our channel lineup. HD channels run in the 700s and 800s here with the two local Canadian stations, 101 channel #s apart. 702 CBET (CBC) and 803 CHWI (CTV2).

Channel shuffles are probably one of the most upsetting things to customers and would probably cost them subs. It's probably not worth it for most providers. Mind you, with the amount of numbers available they could REALLY stretch everything out and probably be giving lots of room on the dial for everything.

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