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Originally Posted by anesthesia View Post
1. Changed router.
So a tech came out and replaced the first Pace that was installed?
Originally Posted by anesthesia View Post
PS- if no solution which third party router is recommended. money no object.
The problem with wifi is that there can be many things beyond the providers (or your) control that can interfere with the signal. Examples: neighbouring routers, devices like smart tv's or printers broadcasting their own wifi (also called wifi direct), cordless phones, baby monitors, weather stations, wireless speakers, bluetooth devices, and so on. Maybe even large scale things like nearby power transmission lines or other radio transmitters?

There's a chance that the issue may still persist even if you buy your own router. Also, it will be up to you to configure your own router. If you call tech support, they'll say they don't support non-MTS equipment. Oh, and your own router won't replace the Pace, which is a modem and router in one. It'll have to be plugged into the Pace (a router wired to another router will encounter a "double NAT" unless the secondary one is disabled from doing any routing)

Dual-band routers are supposedly the way to go, as the newer 5 GHz frequency isn't as crowded as the 2.4 GHz. Apparently ASUS routers are good. I think model RT-N66U is one of the most popular models. There's also the RT-AC66U, but AC wifi might not even be standardized yet, and I don't think many devices even do AC yet.

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