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I finally got a response to my emails from TerrorTV:

We just want to give you an update on the upcoming launch of TERROR TV in Canada.
At this time (Jan. 28th) we are still in talks with the cable/Satellite providers to get a distribution deal....
For multiple reasons, it is taking longer time to get those deals in place (capacity, etc...)

We are very excited to bring you a whole variety of horror content for your pleasure...and we are SO READY to do so... We are working very hard to get those deals in place and we will keep you posted on any develpment.

In the meantime, we ask you to keep calling your cable/satellite provider and ask for TERROR TV.


The Terror TV Team

Be Afraid ! Be Very Afraid!
This is pretty funny, they are still in talks? I mean they been "in" talks for over a year and a half give or take. How long does it usually take to hammer about a distribution deal? I'm thinking not 1.5 years lol.

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