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Originally Posted by net29091 View Post

3) Starchoice and Skifan, if my cottage is listed as the primary service location - then I assume they would have 'lost' my home address ( even though they still mail me the bill here ). So the impression I'm getting is that I might need to tale all my receivers and dish from home up to the cottage if I want to get the X-Ku LNBF - would that be correct ?

5) Is it just me or has SD gotten incredibly complex ?

I think you need to confirm what location is on record. If you need a service call, it has to be at that location. Where you get your bills may be what they have as your primary (and only) location; otherwise they would have contacted you about the "new" HAFH.

If this is the case, you would need to have all your receivers at your house. Any service guy will verify all your receivers. If no service guy, you can always say that you weren't using all your receivers at the time so you could justify a code update to the other receivers at a later date if necessary.

It's more complicated because there have been numerous dish upgrades and receiver upgrades and the dish upgrades are not backwards compatible with older receivers.
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