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Thanks for your responses. Again, I haven't called SD since 2010 - and it looks like at that time I changed the primary service location from my house to my cottage, so I could get the REAL U.S. Super Bowl commercials. My notes from that phone call ( which also had to do with moving where the satellite came into the cottage ), were that after the call, my cottage was the primary service location, and my house was secondary service location. But my house address is where I receive all the bills, and when we call to refresh a signal - it's the house landline number that we give them. I think we have had SD at the house since Feb.2010 - but I think it was before the G1 satellite, and before the HAFH program was terminated. So I have no idea how my house ( which last I checked was the SECONDARY service location ) - is showing up now in the SD system. I would think that it wouldn't show up at all, but they're still sending the bills here.

So I still have a few questions:

1) Classicsat, I always unplug the 605 in my room at the cottage - yet I've never had to refresh that possible ( I can't verify 100% that no one's ever gone into my room and plugged it in before I arrived, as it's a much nicer TV than in the main room ) ?

2) Is there a large benefit to the new channels from the G1 satellite ? As mentioned, the only channel I've ever tried to get that I couldn't get was Leafs TV in HD - and I'm pretty sure I could get that last year after the G1 was's hard to say, I only subscribe to this for the handful of games not on Sportsnet, TSN or CBC. Going to get rid of that channel regardless, the question is what other channels am I missing ?

3) Starchoice and Skifan, if my cottage is listed as the primary service location - then I assume they would have 'lost' my home address ( even though they still mail me the bill here ). So the impression I'm getting is that I might need to tale all my receivers and dish from home up to the cottage if I want to get the X-Ku LNBF - would that be correct ?

4) If I don't want to get the G1 channels, but still want the 630 PVR, can I do that with my present LNBF ? I thought the last time I had a service guy here he said we'd need a new multiswitch ( eg. whatever you call the box inside the house that all the receivers are wired up to from the one main line coming from outside the house ), as the 630 would need two input / outputs ( I assume to be able to watch one channel and record another ) - and there was no more room on the switch / box we are now using. My guess is if that's the case, then they'd automatically upgrade me to the new X-Ku LNBF - meaning I will need all the receivers in one location for the v-code download. Which means there's really no way to get the 630 PVR without upgrading my LNBF. And if that requires taking all my receivers to one location, and my cottage is that location - that's going to be a major pain that I won't really have time for until probably the May Two-Four weekend.

5) Is it just me or has SD gotten incredibly complex ? When I switched from Rogers to Starchoice, it was for the cost, and it seemed simpler ? Now, my bill has more than doubled over the past 10 years - though to be fair, I didn't have HBO and TMN when I started. But what gets me is that I have to do research for a couple of hours just to ask a ( halfway intelligent ) question. And when I read a lot of other threads and posts - there seems to be more unanswered questions than answered. Is anyone switching to Bell or Rogers ( I don't think there's any other choices in Ontario ) ? I've been offered really good deals by Bell and Rogers over the last few months, Rogers offered two free PVR's, and Bell ( I think it was that VIPE service ) offered an incredible price for the next two years ( it was about 60% of what I'm paying to SD ) - but I can't do without TSN and Sportnet at my cottage. There doesn't seem to be a way to get that on the internet...I know there's a TSN GO app or service, but the internet plans in my cottage area would be cost prohibitive for that type of usage, and it seems like all I've read about TSN GO is complaints.

I'm not sure what to do. All I really want to do is cancel a couple of channels, and put the savings towards a 630 PVR - but it appears that may open up a whole can of worms that would just make things worse. And if that's the case then I'd rather just leave things the way they are.

Thanks again for all your comments and help !

Cheers !
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