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I have a few questions, and I'm not sure if they all apply to this thread - but I'll start here and see where it goes:

I've been a SD customer for a number of years. Originally I had Rogers at my home address, and Starchoice at my cottage ( I think I started SC 10 years ago ) - but I cancelled Rogers at home when I learned about the HAFH program. For a couple of years, my cottage was the primary address ( as I had SC there first ), but back in 2010 my cottage address was 'lost' by SD, which I realized when we went to add another receiver there - so my cottage is still primary address - though for some reason whenever I call in to SD to refresh box at cottage, we are told to give them my home address and phone number. I have no idea why that is - I get confused just reading my notes from my calls to SD. Bottom line, I am getting service to 2 residences in Ontario - I just wanted to mention that as this has nothing to do with wanting satellite service to a U.S. location. And I only have - and get billed - for one account.

I've read all the threads about the 'end' of the HAFH program. I haven't actually called SD about any programming or equipment changes since 2010 - but am thinking about making some changes, and want to know what I should and shouldn't say to anyone at SD.

1) I'm thinking about making an equipment change - getting the 630 PVR...I've never had a PVR with SD, as back when I followed these things more closely, the 530 seemed to be a nightmare. Currently I have three 605's and a 317 ( or 319, not sure ) at home, and one 605 and one 317/319 at the cottage. The HAFH program used to have a six receiver limit - what will happen if I call and say I want to add a 630 PVR? I pay a multi-receiver fee monthly - was the six receiver limit a HAFH policy, or a general policy ? If there's any chance that ordering a 630 PVR will jeopardize my one bill for two locations, then I won't bother.

2) I'm also thinking about some programming changes. Currently I have the Digital Value Pack and Digital Extra Value Pack ( eg. HBO, TMN, etc. ) - and the impression I get is that this Direct Sales package - is no cheaper than their standard packages I can see online. If that's true I'd like to change for the simple reason of not being able to register an account online with the DVP. Are there any compelling reasons to stay with the DVP - and if not, will switching to a similar standard package at all jeopardize my HAFH benefits that I'm still receiving ?

3) As mentioned, the last time I called to change anything was in 2010 - which was before the new satellite was added. I'm currently paying $ 4.99 a month for Leafs TV, but no longer am subscribed to the HD channel ( #119 ), only the SD channel. I don't quite understand all the terminolgy on here, but I think I may need a new satellite or LNB to access the new satellite - would that cause any HAFH problems if I tried to upgrade at my home, and does the upgrade cost money ? So far, it seems like HD Leafs TV is the only channel I've tried to get that I can't - so unless there's other benefits to upgrading, maybe I won't bother.

4) As mentioned, at my cottage I have a 605 and 317. The 605 is in my room, and I've never once had to 'refresh' the signal. But my parents, who always arrive at cottage first and use the 317 which is in the main room, ALWAYS have to call and refresh the signal. Does anyone know why that is ? And is there any danger when they call in to refresh the signal of alerting SD to this 2nd residence ?

I know that's a lot of questions, and please advise if I should put any of this ( or all of it ) in a different thread. I've been putting off making any changes for about 3 years now - ever since the news that SD would be adding a new satellite. And I guess indirectly it's because of that new satellite that the HAFH program has changed ( to paying for the 2nd residence when using it, while getting a discount of 25-50% for all programming ). I just want to keep things simple. I'd like to get a PVR, and make some minor programming changes - but not if it'll affect my ongoing HAFH benefits in any way.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give me.

Cheers !
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