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No, the NHL will still not come back to Quebec City 29 64.44%
Yes, an existing team will move there (which one?) 9 20.00%
Yes, and expansion team will start up there 1 2.22%
Not sure 6 13.33%
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post #16 of 28 (permalink) Old 2011-02-15, 02:54 AM
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Originally Posted by PlayitSimple View Post
4- Add more teams in Canada where the game is loved by people from coast to coast and therefore will succeed no matter where you put a team (unlike the US )
5- Revamp the salary structure, NHL is a gate-driven league which means the average fan should be able to afford to go watch a game (which is not the case these days). This means lower salaries and more affordable ticket prices which would allow smaller markets like Calgary, Winnipeg & Quebec City to succeed.
Ain't gonna happen, at least not with the NHL. The players' union is too strong. While everybody concentrates on the "team salary cap", there is also a "team salary floor" in the current collective agreement. The current team salary floor is well above the average team salary level in 2003/2004, the last year before the 2004/2005 lockout.

If the Jets couldn't afford to pay their players in 1995/1996, no way can they afford to do so today. Note also that Greater Winnipeg has a population of under 3/4 of million, and that's including a bunch of surrounding rural municiplaities, and an Indian Reserve. The entire province is under 1 and a quarter million.

Another problem is that Joe Average doesn't pay enough in any NHL city. It's the corporate boxes that bring in the big revenues. And Winnipeg just doesn't have that many corporate HQ's to buy corporate boxes. And given the low population, they don't have anything like Leafs TV for extra revenue.

They'll never have an NHL team unless a "bored billionaire" wants an expensive toy. Besides which, if Toronto has managed to survive the last several years without a major league hockey team, I'm sure WInnipeg can do so too.

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My guess is Quebec is trying to Blackmail the Feds. Pay up or lose some seats.

I'll bet the Tories anti up cash during the election campaign. If they don't the Liberals will.
I don't agree with your statement, internal polls show the popularity of this government hasn't move down a bit since this all started. Heck, knowing the stubburness of the Quebec maire he hasn't put much effort in to convincing the fed governement. He even pointed out the project would happen with or without the fed goverment involment. Most Quebecers don't even agree with ANY government involving that kind of money in such project. I would worry more about the Quebec provincial government loosing an election wasting our hard earned tax dollar in such project than actually the Conservatives loosing seats in Quebec in an election.

Quebecor has interest much more than we can think remember, Quebecor wasn't to impress loosing on the purchase of the Canadians. As far as a local team, the big dream is to get some kind of Nordique back be buying the team or simply recreating them from scratch. Quebecor's involment would make sense and dreaming for dreaming, it would be nice to see their pall "Langelile and Dion" getting involved. Both clans could even afford to loose some money in such venture if need be.

It would be acceptable to see the Provincial goverment providing modest business grant but it totally unfair for all Quebecers and Canadians to see our goverments (Provincial and Federal) wasting our hard earned tax dollar. Heh, why not Loto Quebec/Société des Casinos investing the bulk afterall, while a crown asset it is still a profitable business which could afford to take some risks (they did when getting involved at the Palais des Congrès" in Hull/Gatineau. Loto Quebec/Société des Casinos involment would IMO provide some form of potential success (seems like everything they ever touched turned to gold mine).
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The Predators are still in Nashville; the Coyotes are still in Phoenix.

Southern Ontario could handle another team but there isn't one available.

Quebec City and Winnipeg combined aren't much bigger than Calgary at this point and the wealth and growth in Calgary makes any comparison between the three markets silly. Adding Calgary to this discussion is a red herring.

Quebec City can build the Taj Mahal of hockey venues but it doesn't change their lack of money and market size.

Maybe the empty seats in Ottawa could lead to a change in venue for Sens to Quebec City.
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Originally Posted by asd
Maybe the empty seats in Ottawa could lead to a change in venue for Sens to Quebec City.
I would say that empty seats in Ottawa would be more likely to be filled by a visiting Quebec City team in the same division as the Senators than would be for a visit from Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, Florida, or Tampa Bay. A team from QC would be a steadily good draw in Ottawa and a consistently big draw in Montreal. Les Nordiques were always a good draw in Calgary and Edmonton, so I'd expect that again too.

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post #20 of 28 (permalink) Old 2011-02-17, 05:28 PM
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"If the Jets couldn't afford to pay their players in 1995/1996, no way can they afford to do so today"
There is a big difference today. The Jets didn't own the building and didn't get a lot from parking or concessions. A new team will own the building and get all related revenue.
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Add to that the changes to the NHL's financing formula that addressed the inequalities facing the Canadian teams and you have a further breakage of that comparison with Winnipeg's past.

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The Predators are still in Nashville; the Coyotes are still in Phoenix.
The only reason they are still there is because Bettman (or more specifically the owners who put him in power) don't want any more teams in Canada even though the Canadian teams generate more revenue then most of the American ones.

I don't get these jokers, they would rather keep teams in markets where the game is not accepted by fans and as a result the teams are losing money hand over fist, instead of putting teams in strong hockey markets where they will be successful?! Most people in Phoenix or Florida don't give a crap about hockey so why are they trying to force the game on them?! Move some teams to other markets where hockey is accepted like Portland or Seattle and get rid of the remaining teams that are in non-hockey markets.
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post #23 of 28 (permalink) Old 2011-03-01, 07:06 PM
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PK Peladeau of Videotron, announces today that the company will manage and operate the futur Colisée. Still no money from a private investor for the construction of the building.
Videotron will rent the place and will give back a part of the profits to the city. I still do not agree that taxpayers pay for a building like this one for the profit of a major company.
Canadian taxpayers don't have to worry as Harper still doesn't want to use your money in this. I like the fact that Harper didn't bent in front of the pressure coming from Quebec City mayor, Labeaume.
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post #24 of 28 (permalink) Old 2011-03-07, 12:02 PM
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An interesting comment this morning on the FAN590 (Toronto) AM radio was that if Phoenix and Atlanta were to relocate to Canada, there would be corresponding dilution on CBC to Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Toronto and Montreal would not likely see any decline in coverage.

I expect that those teams might not like that aspect to more teams in Canada.
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Unless the newer Atlanta team ends up in Calgary like the last one.... I like Byfuglien; I'd like to see him a Calgary Thrasher uniform. Like "Flames" "Thrashers" also works there. Maybe the Flames and Thrashers merge and Byfuglien becomes a Flame -- even better.
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post #26 of 28 (permalink) Old 2011-03-07, 04:47 PM
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Huh? Why would Atlanta or Phoenix move to Calgary?
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Winnipeg has the MTS Center, which while small, could take on an NHL team (if Montreal Alouettes and Green Bay can do it, so can Winnipeg), and as has close to doing so, but so far no mass.

IMHO, QC was better off building a 30,000-45,000 muti purpose CFL stadium to get a team in that than it should try the NHL, but there u go.

Money is also better spent on new CFL stadiums in places like Hamilton, and improving the summer sports in Canada.

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