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Manual setup of Smart RG SR505N Modem/router

I'm new here and have limited computer knowledge (I know enough to be dangerous). Here's my problem....
I purchased a Smart RG SR505N modem/Router to accommodate faster internet speed package that my kids have been after me to get. I have built and configured new computers, setup routers and repaired computing problems in the past, but the manual that I got from the internet on how to setup the Smart RG SR505N modem/router is beyond my scope of networking abilities.
I tried searching the net for any helpful information, but little is out there. I found that TekSavvy has their version of the setup interface simplified for their users.
I have managed to connect to the internet and get the wireless working, (I'm using it now). This only seems to last a short time before speeds fall off and the unit has to be rebooted to get any appreciable speed back. I am left to conclude that my setup of this unit is incorrect somewhere. I suspect the routing gateways are not input properly or at all.
Does anyone have experience setting this unit up ? Any help would be appreciated.

I forgot to mention that my current ISP doesn't support this unit as it is one brand that they don't sell. I may switch to TekSavvy as they sell this modem/router.
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