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I just finished watching TMNT in Dolby Atmos this evening and I wanted to give a report. Not only was it a better movie then Transformers but the Atmos sound bed was very impressive in this movie. I think some people believe that the main benefit is the added height of the sound, But I feel that Atmos adds something a little different on top of the height feature.

Atmos has the ability to add specific sounds to the mix. It may be hard to explain clearly, but for example the villain would throw knives and you could follow the knife around the room up/down/side to side. I think this is where Atmos really shines. Yes the sounds going above your head is cool. But to me it's the discrete sounds travelling across the room that truly impresses me. I don't want you to think that it's just going speaker to speaker, that's not how it sounds, it's like the object is actually travelling through space inside my theatre.

Very Very cool.

Like I said earlier. This is a game changer for home cinema!!
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