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Ed H
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Shaw changed my set up.

About 18 mo's ago I switched to Shaw from Bell because Shaw offered a program called " Home away from Home" which gave me the same satellite programming at my cabin as I have in Calgary for only the cost of a receiver, no additional subscription fee's.
They cancelled that home away program and replaced it with a 50% deal and if I call when no one is at the cottage they will not charge for days when no one is there. I missed that notice so spent a few hours on the phone getting service back to the cottage on the 30th of Dec. I told the service rep I was going to re-evaluate to look for the best service so they gave me 50 bucks worth of PPV for each which has to be used up in a short period.
I am angry and want to switch. If there is anyone who is totally happy with their Satellite service, please let me know.
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