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Shaw Direct Programming/Pricing Discussions

EDIT by Dr.Dave: See post 68 for the discussion of Skinny Basic (Limited TV.)

I have Digital Favourite pac + Movies package. That's a wack of $ / month and not justified since we have changed our viewing habits! Reading and music is to blame. Sorry SD.

The truth is we rarely watch TV and go with Netflix for an occasional movie from their large library. I'll be the first to support a CDN live stream service that competes with Netflix.
Shaw VOD is slow and limited.

Tuning into regular TV is only for news and sports.... plus the occaissional AMC show.... not that we can't access them from other locations.

I am thinking of cutting down programing to basic service to no service.

What will Shaw Direct try to do to keep me on?

I might return to shaw in the near distant future.

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