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I've been using this app I bought for $9 that works great with any OpenVPN server.

One nice thing to make a note of is the pass they send you I found I could use it on more then one installation at a time.

What I did in my home is I have a old Windows 2003 server running in the basement with 2 NIC's. When you run viscosity it makes virtual connections that show up in 'my connections' and I then just bind the viscosity virtual connection out on the 2nd NIC.

Why use a server as your VPN gateway? Well I've used Linksys routers before but they just don't have the processor power and they max out at 3 Mbit in speed... this is due to the CPU can't do the crypto fast enough. Using a server I have more then enough power and get my full 25Mbit fibe 25 speed through the server.

From the 2nd NIC I run that to a switch and feed it to my VPN networked devices. I actually have 2 VPN server running linking to 2 different locations... one USA and the other London, UK.

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