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Called their tech service 2 weeks ago and asked for an update to activate the DVI port. Guy says that I will be receiving the beta version the same day.

As of today still no update so I called again. This time I get a girl who seems clueless on what I'm talking about. (How DO these people get this job in the first place?) She checks with her supervisor and then tells me that the update is currently unavailable but will be sometime in the future. No ifs, ands, or buts about it; end of discussion.

I suspect Videotron will never upgrade the SARA to activate the DVI on the 8000HD since it will be of no benefit to them. If you think about it, cost-benefit wise it won't make sense for them because they already made their profit from 8000HD owners. Renters, assuming they're even aware of this issue, will be forced to buy the 8300HD which is what Videotron wants. I fall into the latter category and will wait till my rental period ends before I purchase the 8300.

Spending so much time testing the new software is a costly task for little benefit due probably to the miniscule demand. Frustrating for those of us waiting for it but you can't really blame them I guess when you look at it from Videotron's financial perspective.
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