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Originally Posted by DBC944 View Post
You have to be kidding me! I have been lamenting the sorry state of DVR's in Canada since I last had a TiVo. What timing I just asked Cogeco to cancel all my services. Recording Formula 1 and seeing a NASCAR race, then recording the Tour de France and seeing a rodeo was the last straw. I even told their rep that TiVo uses an overscan flag to record a show when it is actually on not by time. OK, I was very frustrated and do realize that I was wasting my time.

Living in Burlington, do I go with Bell or lick my wounds and stick with Cogeco and hope that this time(they did announce a letter of agreement with Tivo in the early 2000's) they really will do it and do it right?
So I have hung on since my July post to my Cogeco services only to find out that I am not qualified to get Tivo as I only have one tv. I do have an iPhone and an iPad as well as an iMac. I guess they don't count as tv's but they are streaming devices! Cogeco strikes again.

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