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Shaw Direct is getting bad... let's review:

In 2013, you could get NHL Centre Ice & NFL Sunday Ticket w/ RedZone channel for $229 + tax for both and the NBA channels actually showed games.

In 2014, NHL Centre Ice is $209 + tax and Sunday Ticket is $239 + tax and NBA channels show no games. A 95.6% price increase from last year and there's no added value for NFL, you get less games on CI this year, and the NBA channels seem to have just stopped operating. I passed on CI and ST and went with NFL GamePass for football on a great promo code. Instead of spending over $500 after tax, I spent $123 and I don't miss the hockey -- I'd rather have it but I refuse to pay a 96% price increase to get less than what I had last year. The HD streams from NFL GamePass are actually better quality than the overly compressed pictures from Shaw Direct. Don't regret it for a second.

Between the Super Sports Pack and their just deployed full home TiVO service, I'm on the verge of switching to Cogeco. Just waiting for some feedback on the TiVO deployment in the Cogeco thread before making the phone call.
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