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Originally Posted by North_of_Calgary View Post
...While I do love my three Roku's I think the big disadvantage is that there's no native Canadian rental sources. If I I want to rent a movie I need to switch back to iTunes and my ATV3.
Finally, Google Play Movies & TV comes to the Roku!!! Channel added today in Canada and the US. Using it right now to watch Google Play content. This is a fantastic improvement.

Before we get into a "why not just use the Chromecast" conversation, I do also have a chromecast and I do like it. But there are also some advantages to the Roku. Mainly, I've already got a bunch of them hooked up to TVs where as the Chromecast I have to move around. And another important point is "the remote control". Late at night I can fall asleep with the remote in hand where as my phone I like to have powered down and charging.

It's interesting though that you can't Googlecast to the Roku from the Play Movies app on Android. From Netflix (which also has DRM) on Android I can cast to the Chromecast, Samsung TV, or the Roku. Same with Youtube. But Play Movies only casts to the Chromecast.

Anyway, for now having access to the Google Play library directly from the Roku is a fantastic improvement. I'm lovin it and using it.

P.S. Cineplex Roku app also just added. So that's two ligit Canadian rental options now on the Roku - finally!
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