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Does DTS have a similar technology in the works? I once had a receiver that could play Dolby Digital but not the DTS equivalent. It made almost every movie purchase a challenge. Never again.
Yeah, I am currently looking to replace my current receiver exactly for this. I'm still rocking a Kenwood VR-307 that I've had for a little over 15 years now. I just wish the damn thing would die so that it would be easier to convince the wife to change it.

I don't know however if missing Atmos is as significant as missing DTS. At least, I know for me DTS is definatly a must on my next purchase (I don't think its possible to get one without DTS anyways) but I really coudn't care less about Atmos as I know I'm not in the market to change my speakers yet. As long as it can be downscaled to either regular DD or DTS so that I can still get 5.1 sound.
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