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Terry Fraser
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Question about Slingbox

I'm looking at getting a slingbox in order to get cable to another TV in my house where I don't want to run any cable to. The TV is in a temporary spot for about 4 months. I'm converting my garage to a family room so the TV will go in there and I may or may not run a cable out there. If not I'll continue using the slngbox.
I have Rogers cable. I am looking at the 350 and 500. I don't need the wifi as the slingbox will be in the same room as the router and cable box. So the only benefit of the 500 is the HDMI. Will all or any of the channels work through the HDMI? Or are they encrypet? If only a few channels work through the HDMI maybe it isn't worth it to spend the extra on the 500. Hopefully someone here knows the answers.
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