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Originally Posted by LONSat View Post
ABC 5.99
CBS 5.99 they are setting the initial price
NBC 5.99
FOX 5.99
CW 4.99 discounted as it is not as popular
PBS 4.99 as above
HBO 15.00
Sports 15.00 to 25.00 per month
Others x.xx

Total 63.00 to $73.00+
I am not sure I am ready to pay for streaming offered by the major American networks.
Most of the shows and sports being broadcast are sim-subed by the Canadian networks and depending where you live an OTA antenna may be able to pull their signals for free into your home (excludes first time acquisition costs associated with a proper OTA set-up).
Specialty sports channels streams like TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN etc. may be required for those currently watching on cable.

Also, the costs need to factor for a reliable high speed internet connection (30Mbps or higher download speed) with unlimited quota that probably costs $70 per month as a stand alone service.
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