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So they've managed to reacquire RZ (and based on what I've read in the Bell forums, Bell had dropped it but now it's back -- so it does seem like the NFL pulled it, but caved in at the last second).

So with that, Shaw Direct has managed to offer the exact same thing they offered last year except they've marked it up by 20% from $199 to $239. And it seems RZ only isn't an option, according to that page. And actually I just read the small print at the bottom of that page and the RZ feed is not available on the app this year either. So we're still getting less than last year for 20% more money.

And the icing on the cake is they still aren't offering the NFL/NHL combo so they still expect me to throw another ~$200 on top for Centre Ice next month? Last year it was $199 for ST+RZ and an extra $30 for Centre Ice. So $229 for it all. This year they want $239 for ST+RZ plus I'm guessing somewhere in the neighbourhood of $200 for Centre Ice?? Even if we call it $400 for it all this year, which would seem to be the low end, that's a 75% increase. Ouch!!

I think it's going to be ST and no CI this year then. I'm definitely not paying 75% more for both of them. If I have to choose one, I will reluctantly pay the 20% increase for ST and live with the national only games on Rogers for hockey. Bring on the football!
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