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Need advice on new HTPC

I've read lots on here and find there are varying options on these types of machines so I am looking for specific advice on my setup if possible

I have a WHS 2011 server serving up 18 TB of media (music, rips of my dvd, and recorded tv) and I have always had a Window pc running media center which server up data to my three xbox 360 extenders.

My setup works great for what we need as I use MY MOVIES software to rip all our dvd to the server, it sources all information and it's imedeiately available to my extenders...when my windows pc is working of course.

I have replace my main windows media center pc three times in the past five years and am thinking I don't want to have the server and the media center pc on at all times.

Looking at ditching my pc and extenders and going for three of these

Anything I am missing? They would really only be there to run windows 8 media center as my wife and I LOVE (Mymovies software) and have not yet found anything that matches this software.

Is this enough to watch blu-ray rips, sitting on the server, (all hardwired cat 6 cable and gigabit routers)?

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