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Looking for a cheap Tuner Card for OTA Digital & Cable that can Change Chanels


I am currently getting cable tv but due to cost factors I am expecting to go to Antenna sometime in the future .. probably a while from now but it will probably happen due to budget. .. Anyway...

I would like to find a TV Tuner that can support my needs now and later.

I was looking to use my computer as a DVR to capture shows that I can watch later in the day or on the weekend.

I would like to schedule times during the day or select shows from a lineup and have my computer record them automatically ... and also in the background if I happen to be working on my computer.

Because I my cable company requires a digital box at each tv and there are no open channels I need a way for the TV Tuner to control the Cable Box.

I have seen at least one TV Tuner that did have a inferred device that hooked to the tuner card and was placed infront of the cable box to change channels. NOT the ir device to allow you to use a remote but this device sat in front of the cable box and acted like a remote control to change stations so it could record shows.

I am on a budget and $150 is no where near what I can pay .. I would say more like $50 is kinda pushing it but maybe.

Also Cable Cards in the tuner is out.. too expensive and eventually im going to antenna.

Thank you for your suggestions.
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