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Shaw Gateway: Installation and setup discussion

Please use this thread to discuss installation and setup issues relating to the Shaw Gateway (Whole-home PVR by Arris).
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Searching for Media Centre - No Media Centre Found

Thanks everyone.
I have had the the Shaw Gateway and one Portal installed for 3 weeks and not experienced any significant problems. I have only rebooted the portal once. I have read all 1757 entries in the previous main thread over the last few months and it was a great help. Thanks.

This morning my wife turned on the tv and the tv was dark (black; no screensaver; no messages; no tv). There was no sound either. She tried a few things then gave up without seeing anything on the tv. When I got up, I power cycled the portal and the tv displayed "Arris" and then I got another message displayed. It said to press OK to get the guide, which I did. Then it did nothing, just displayed an empty guide. I used the Menu button to get the menu and it said "Searching for Media Centre" then "No Media Centre Found". This message pair repeats over and over. I tried powering off the media centre (Gateway box). Same results.

The TV was working fine last night. The message says the media centre needs to be connected to the home network. There are no CAT5 network cables connected to either the portal or gateway; just the coax.

I currently have a call-back scheduled for "greater than 4 hours", so I assume others here in Victoria, BC are having problems as well.

Any ideas?
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1st thing that might work is go to the Settings, Local Network Status and select reconnect...

If that doesn't do it try;

Power off (pull the plug) on both your Gateway and your Portal, wait 5 minutes then power up your Gateway box, watch the lights they will light up in sequence, when you have four blue lights solid, power up your Portal. This should bring everything back on line, let us know...
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Thanks Reboot.
I did try that as well. I unplugged the Gateway, then the Portal. I waited about 10 minutes, then powered on the Gateway and waited until the power on light and the other 4 blue lights were solid (total 5 blue lights). Waited another 10 minutes and powered on the Portal. It came up with the same screens and ultimately the same repeating messages; Searching for Media Centre, then No Media Centre Found.

I assume there should NOT be any cat5 cables connected to either. Is that correct?
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You should not have a 5th light illuminated (MOCA) with the Portal unplugged. We are in the wrong thread as this is not firmware related. When you check Network status what is it telling you?
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WayneB2, You don't need or want any 'cat5' cables connected at this time. The 'network' it is referring to is the MoCA network that is in the coax lines. Are you sure you didn't happen to have a rodent eat through your cable overnight? Stranger things have happened so you never know. Maybe give your lines a quick check if you can.

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Cabling arrangement for Gateway & Portals

I am curious about cabling/connection arrangements for the Gateway and Portals.

Is coax cable routed from the demarcation point through the splitters for phone, Internet and TV service to other boxes, e.g., DCT700 or DCX3400, to the Gateway and then from the Gateway to the existing coax cable distribution net in the house to the Portals?

And do the Portals then provide a modulated coax RF output (e.g. on Ch 3) to feed really old TVs or not? Are all the outputs on a portal active simultaneously, to permit connection to a TV and, for example, a non-Shaw DVR/VCR or even second TV?

A room with both a portal and a DCT/DCX (not yet sure why one would need this but I'd find the answer useful, nonetheless) would require two coax cable runs? One run with a splitter won't do?

Is there any connection from the Gateway to the home's internal net or to the Internet?

I have read, in other threads, something about filters being used. Has the info about where to use, and not use, them stabilized?

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Originally Posted by Reboot View Post
You should not have a 5th light illuminated (MOCA) with the Portal unplugged. We are in the wrong thread as this is not firmware related. When you check Network status what is it telling you?
I'm not sure that's accurate, when I had my 3rd portal (attempted) install last week I had a flashing MoCA light with all the portals disconnected. Tech said it was the Gateway searching for the MoCA network <shrug>

As to firmware...

I never looked at this before IS2, is there a way to sort the series options alphabetically rather than by channel. Given that we can't sort the recorded programs list that way, I'm guessing not. Same for upcoming recordings?

If not, Shaw/Arris - Feature Request please.
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I was told the MOCA light solid is when a Portal is detected and connected, yes it may flash when searching, sorry for the confusion.

As for the recorded menu display this is already on the bug/want list.

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Nope, component, composite or hdmi output only.

You can't hook this up to an old coax only tv without additional 3rd party hardware

The rest of your questions have been covered primarily in this thread

there is a search thread button on the forum menu bar.

But to answer your second question, one run with a splitter works fine, in my living room, I have a portal and a dcx3400 running off the same spitter.

In regards to the cabling layout, JetRanger had a nice explanation in the thread noted above within the last week or so.
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Here's an interesting installation issue. Last week tech came by to install a 3rd portal, couldn't get it work, a second tech showed up and after a total of 3 hours they said portal was DOA and rescheduled for this week, my cabling layout is noted here

Anyhow, tech indicated that he'd checked all the signal levels and they were optimal.

When the tech came yesterday, he replaced the first 3 way splitter with a 4 way splitter and use the new leg for the 3rd portal, as he was going out the door he mentioned I had low signal at the gateway and in general. From the Shaw side, the signal levels are showing pretty crappy, can just these 2 changes (4 way splitter and 3rd portal) actually cause that large a drop in signal strength.

It was suggested to me that they put an amp in place to boost the signal, any other ideas?

I live in a duplex and maybe a year ago or so, a tech mentioned I had low signal and took some signal from my neighbour as she has only shaw homephone and didn't need as much signal strength, I checked with her and it had no impact on her phone service. There was some mention at the time that if this reoccurred, I should request that they separate the service between the 2 halves of the duplex vs the current shared line from the street.
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Searching for Media Centre

Update on Searching for Media Centre - No Media Centre Found:
Thanks to JetRanger, Reboot and others who repilied and those who PM'ed me.
Shaw tech support phoned me back after only one hour and tried various power cycles, etc. They then scheduled a service call for tomorrow.

Then DEAEnforcement phoned me and tried various things from Shaw's end and determined that something happened to the Gateway during the download of the new iS2 firmware and left the Gateway in an unrecoverable state. So the Gateway will need to be replaced.

I called Victoria tech support back, and they answered right away. I requested they have the tech support bring a spare Gateway tomorrow. They added that note to my file.

I will let you all know the results of tomorrow's service call.

Thanks again to DeaEnforcement and this board for all the help.
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Thanks, Shaw called me back and I have a service call scheduled for tomorrow.
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Tech coming out again :/

Tech came out and managed to get 2 out of the portals provisioned and working. Third portal would not connect to the server, kept getting an e 04 error and netc error and e 05 (i think) (at least I'm presuming they're errors on the front display of the portal). I ask the tech before he left if I needed to make an appointment to get the replacement portal setup; he tells me I just need the serial number of the defective and the new serial number. So I go back to the store and get it replaced (((note, if I'm buying shaw gear.... I'm buying where I can get the best price ---- which is rarely from offense to any shaw employees. ) I go to the store, exchange the portal and bring the new one home, notice the serial number is similar (first few letters are the same...... nah, couldn't mean anything.). I connect the new portal, plug in the coax, connect the hdmi and connect the coax. Moxi boot screen comes up on the screen (expected as much), then I go to shaw's website and head to activate equipment. I give the serial number and a brief explanation of what happened. The gateway is reset (on shaws end) and the new serial number entered. I unplug the gateway and portal, replug..... nothing.... and more of nothing. I check local network (by this time the rep has given up and has said a tech needs to come out... again.... in a few days. (good thing a couple boxes work, otherwise I might be upset lol.) I realise afterwards I should have called the 800 num, the guy online was not familiar with the gateway system ((not his fault)). okay... enough of the preamble. I know the box is "in the system now"; so I begin attempting to troubleshoot to the best of my knowledge with some internet help (finding most of it here).

I check the MoCa and local internet connections (i haven't a clue about what all the settings mean, but I know the connected to home network is good.... can't connect to dns is bad. ) I try moving it to a different location, to where one of the working portals is, still no go. I think maybe it's an issue with the coax, so I open the cabinet and see exactly home it's set up.....(now if i'm not exact on this I apologize, should've taken a pic first.)

main coax in to two way splitter, one to first shawphone modem, second to grounding block, to drop amp.(drop amp originally used because of massive signal problems with original modem, also found it helped with dct6200 box) two way leg to six way splitter (original one i had set up) six way spitter went to a spare coax connection and my phone/modem, one leg to another two way splitter......Moca filter on the input if i recall leg to the Gateway....leg to a three way (3.5, 3.5, 7.0 db) splitter. following one train of thought, I move the moca filter(closer to the modem connection), and lose most of my connections to the existing portals that not working I look for a new train and see a reply jetranger had made to someone; hmmm.... looks promising and simple to do. so as per "instructions" I set up the connection in a similar fashion almost:

1. Main coax into 2-way splitter (one leg to 1st shaw phone, second to grounding block)
2. From Grounding block into three way splitter (7.5 db leg to modem/second shaw phone, 7.5 leg to spare room (temp.), 3.5 leg to Moca filter to 2 way splitter)
3. One leg to Gateway, one leg to drop amp.
4. From drop amp to two way splitter. (one leg to a portal, second to another 2 way splitter)
5. last splitter to portals 2 and 3.
(keep in mind I just used what was available)
went and checked the working portals, all the channels came in normally more check connection messages.

once again attempted unplug, replug of system (this time unplugging everything, waiting a minute then going and plugging everything in again, starting with the gateway, then working portals and finally the last portal.) still no go on the last one. annoyed, i go and watch tv, turn on the tube and see "a software update is available" notice..... press ok and it downloads and installs no problem. it was actually the quickest of everything.) once I again I go and try to unplug, replug the portal (((maybe the update helped.... nope.)))

once I did this, everything was back to working as normal, internet speed was the same as alway (not as fast as I'd like, but livable).

last thing: the error message: can not find it anywhere yet; tech had never seen it. (being able to go to shaw, plug a usb in to have it load shaw's firmware, then connect it to the system to see if it's recognised would be nice. also a list of error code: just plugged the portal in again:
(((tried reconnect, refresh etc on different screen, mixed results....never gets dns)))
netC ; and occassionally
e 04

i think I was also getting e 05 on the first one. I have no doubt that it's something minor and a simple fix; but not knowing is "challenging".

I come across the 800 number for gateway support, so having exhausted all other avenues *that I knew of, i call and explain to them the issue I had had with the third portal ((was shocked when I got through after 1 minute.)).....gave the info they needed. "No, a tech needs to come out.... " seriously thinking of applying: "a tech? really? ok.... I'm here. lol"

okay, I'm done: suggestions are welcome, criticism will be ignored.

correction, almost done: found that a harmony can control the portals...pita to set up: most of the keys have to be assigned, many have to be learned. (moximate is the closest remote they have in the database).

lastly: thank you to shawchamp, shawguy, and jetranger for their posts *(they've been especially helpful). If I forget someone, my apologies.
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Smile Final Update on Searching for Media Centre - No Media Centre Found:

The attempted installation of the iS2 code on the morning of Sept 22 left my Gateway device in an unusable state.
Victoria Shaw support booked a service call for the next day (Sept 23) and they called early in the morning and brought a spare Gateway. The "broken" Gateway showed only five solid lights but was missing the 6th "MoCA" light. The Portal was active but was in a loop searching for the Gateway. The service menu showed the old code was still installed on the Portal and it was not talking to the Gateway.

The tech replaced the Gateway with a new unit. It required a number of power cycles/reboots (to download the new firmware) but in about 15 minutes everything was back to normal.

Shaw took the bad Gateway back for analysis. Hopefully they can figure out what caused it to fail and develop a failsafe way of downloading and installing firmware.

Overall the support and response from Shaw was excellent and especially the help I got from this forum. Thanks again to eveyone that helped me.
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