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Add to the list

Berty, Jetranger:

Thanks so much for the tip on PAUSE and CLEAR. I was not aware of this. One other thing I did find, was that if you press PVR twice quickly, it takes you strait to the FAVORITES menu. Any other tricks out there? Is there any kind of a shortcut that will take you to the OPTIONS card while in My PVR Recordings? If you have a lot of recordings, it can take a while to get there.
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Check this post: for the link to a 'Cheat sheet'.

You can navigate away from the PVR list by using the left arrow and then come back and it should put you on one side of the 'Options' in the PVR list. It's not the best but it's the shortest way I know to get there.

Interesting note about pressing PVR twice, thanks for that.

If you can then do rather than not. You're your own worst enemy. They're parking their car over there.
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I had a recording for "Are you there Chelsea" which I wanted to watch an hour after it aired, looked for it in the PVR list of recordings, wasn't able to find it... was surprised it wasn't recorded... 2 days later, I see it showed up on the list with the date it was supposed to record... that's weird...

And when I watched it and tried skipping commercials, it wouldn't play after fast forwarding... had to switch to a different recording (or watch live TV) and then play it again (which resumed at the previous point)... I'm assuming it's a gateway communications issue (which I get from time to time) but it is pretty consistent for this particular recording... as if it was a corrupt file or something...
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khulit, by any chance did you record the show prior to Thursday morning and then find it appeared after Thursday morning? I posted recently that the weekly reboot brings back missing recordings. In my case so far they only go missing when there is a time overlap on the same channel.

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Regarding the blocks of missing channels in the guide with blank blue spaces, this is what support had to say today:

Customer may experience an issue where they are missing their grid guide. There are two scenarios that may cause this type of an issue:

1.) If the customer hides greater than 75 channels in the channel list and then goes into grid guide several channels will display without guide data.

2.) Without hiding channels the customer may have blocks of channels where there is no guide data displayed. i.e. channels 2-13 or channels 1-6

Status : "Issue is currently being investigated."

In my troubleshooting I unblocked all channels and the issue went away. I went ahead and started blocking the channels again. I have more than 75 channels blocked but I don't see the issue anymore.

I am not sure if there is a magic number, or if it gets exponentially worse, or if unblocking then blocking corrects it, or if unblocking > firmware update > blocking corrects it, or if it is certain channels that need to be unblocked. This time around I don't have any music/ppv/vod channels blocked and it is working. The only channels I have blocked are ones that I am not subscribed to.
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just tried the same on my other portal and it isn't being fixed. Maybe 75 is the key number, but I'd rather have all my "unsubscribed" channels blocked than have a working EPG. The menu channel list is a temporary workaround until they fix this.
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the missing channels have been that way ever since the equipment rolled out. everyone in Shaw knows about this, as it was brought up in the focus group sessions attended by all the department heads linked to the gear. of all the things that suck about the equipment, this one bugs me the least since I don't use the guide.
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Posts moved

Please note several messages have been moved to a thread relating to Gateway installation:
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More posts moved

A few more posts moved to the main Gateway discussion thread.
Here's a friendly reminder to go over Posts #1 and #2 in this thread for a clarification on the purpose of messages posted here.
Thanks for your co-operation.
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Exclamation Please note

Shaw appears to be progressively rolling out new firmware for Gateways and Portals. There is now a new main thread to discuss everyday questions and problems with the devices.
This thread will continues to be the place for keeping a running listing of Gateway/Portal issues and fixes.
Thanks for your help in this matter.
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Sound drop outs of over a 100 a day
The fix is to throw the gateway against the wall since Shaw refuses to do anything about it.

Would be nice to be able to watch a show without the sound dropping out but that appears to be impossible with the gateway or maybe it's just Shaw.
The best way to fix any of these problems is to cancel Shaw. Works like a charm
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Did you actually cancel your Shaw Services?

Did you talk to ShawChamp or ShawSean first?
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I'm with ShawnB, enough is enough. I have a lot of money invested in this equipment and if I switch providers I will have obsulete equipment that is not transferable to anything else.

If enough people are interested and have properly documented their problems I have a friend who does class action lawsuits.

If this was food, a vehicle, an airline ticket, taxi ride or even a townhouse you have guaranteed remedies vehicle legal action a little to nil cost to you.

It's about time the CRTC changed their legislation on cable/internet/telephone providers to allow for, instant resolve to ongoing problems.
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No i havn't canceled yet, Telus isn't really an option and waiting for Bell to have better offers first but it's just a matter of time.

Yes i've talked to Shawsean, he was very helpful as much as he could be, helped out me in touch with Chris from the gateway support was also helpful and promised that everything would be done to fix my problem but then quickly changed his tune with the Tech supervisor refused to send any more techs out or do anything more to fix the problem so at that point he made one last swap of the gateway and after that i was on my own.

It was as i expected, my problem is the line from i guess my block to Shaw or wherever it goes, since they changed the line to the house and that didn't fix anything then it's only logical that it's the next line but that would cost major money to fix so it's just cheaper to do nothing and force me to cancel then it is to replace it. Most of the homes in my area, at least 80% have Satalite so i have no one else to help me complain so i get stuck with the bad service.

I don't know who else to talk to or get help from, when the "head supervisor" for all the techs for vancouver refuses to come out or send anyone out then i'm kinda out of options.

The best part is there has been no offer of a credit or discount for any services even though the tv is mostly unwatchable everything i made mention of it they would change the subject or say they would look into it and then nope we can't offer anything like that because it's a "known issue".

I'd be interested in a class action, doubt it would do any good but sure anything to get them to change the way they screw people over would be great
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ShawnB write a letter to the CRTC explaining your problem with Shaw. This is right up their alley and I believe they will do something about it. Try and write them as detailed list about what and when you have been experienceing with Shaw. You might be surprised at what might happen. Hope this helps you. Don't bother to send email. However I would phone them and find out if they might do anything for you if you write them a letter as I stated above. Good Luck!
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