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The old nboxes have served me well over the years, I still have two working that I use, but the main one that we use to watch downloaded TV shows/movies via the USB stick has given up the ghost.

After some exhaustive research to replace it with a newer generation that will play local media content (USB) I narrowed my search down to the WD TV Live and the Roku 3. Both of these devices do FAR more than I need however it's likely I'll push my tech learning curve and use some of the newer features.

At first blush it appeared to me that the Roku 3 excelled in internet streaming whereas the WD product might be more suited for the local content application with it's ability to play so many formats. Truth is that most of the media I get is either MKV or MP4 (h.264) and if it isn't I can convert it so the format isn't that critical.

Both enjoy great reviews and would do the job. I was poised to go for the WD TV Live, a local Staples store has them on clearance for 25% off.....discontinued??, however I stumbled upon a YouTube review by Leo LaPorte and another for the WD.

One of the aggravations of the Nbox is the slow response time from the remote and FF actions etc. The WD also appears to have some lag time from the remote actions whereas the Roku was immediate. I also got an opportunity to see how USB local content worked with the Roku.

In the end I've to go for the Roku if I find a store open on the holiday.

Thanks for the input in the decision making guys...
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