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Cutting The Cord Cutting

I guess cutting the cord cutting is newest thing now.

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Wow...the U.S. is in trouble if people need help on how to cancel their subscriptions...

Are there really people out there that are so confused by how to cancel something they just keep dishing out cash every month out of stupidity?
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The point made is that a way to cancel is not obvious and sometimes not easy to find. Subscribing to cable service channels and OTT services have similar issues. They make it easy to sign up by just answering a phone call, clicking on a browser popup or STB prompt, or by entering a promo code but to cancel it's often necessary to call or drill down into account settings menus. To make it worse, every service is different. I prefer to pay with PayPal because it has a standard method to cancel subscriptions but even that can be difficult to find the first time. I like Netflix, in part, because it is fairly easy to suspend or cancel. Some services make it more difficult. Others put an automatic monthly or annual subscription on your credit card PayPal account without explicitly saying so. It pays to check PayPal subscriptions after making a purchase that may renew.
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I'm just venting from a personal perspective in that yes, sometimes it is difficult to cancel something, but I know so many people that are lazy and just keep paying for things they don't use, or don't read what they are signing up for.

My personal example is that a gym opened up by my work a few years ago - a large amount of my co-workers signed up for lifetime memberships. They didn't read the fine print that lifetime meant until you die. I read this and thought it was insane, but people kept signing up and the company even brought in sales reps to sell this crap to their employees. Now, a bunch of them have memberships they pay for and never use - and some of them have memberships to multiple gyms that are the same stipulations!!!

I've always found the easiest way to cancel TV, or any other entertainment subscription services that make it a hassle to cancel is to tell them you can't afford it, you won't be paying it, and you instructed your credit card / bank / etc. to cancel payments (I've had to do this for a magazine once). They'll gladly cancel if it is going to be a hassle and cost them money. Another great excuse is that you are moving out of their service area. They don't bother with you. I've moved a lot over the years where service wasn't transferable, and they don't argue with you.

Anyways, it just is one of my pet peeves knowing people who spend $100's of dollars a month on stuff they signed up for that they don't use, don't make changes, but they complain when gas goes up a few cents per litre while sipping on a $7 Starbucks at work. Want to blow my head off when I'm in conversations about $$$ with people like that.
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Originally Posted by Inglewood View Post
Anyways, it just is one of my pet peeves knowing people who spend $100's of dollars a month on stuff they signed up for that they don't use, don't make changes, but they complain when gas goes up a few cents per litre while sipping on a $7 Starbucks at work. Want to blow my head off when I'm in conversations about $$$ with people like that.
I can certainly attest to that. I see it all the time, it also includes people who complain they cant afford basic cable, but instead of a $80 dollar a month cell phone plan they add all the bells and whistles and nick nacks and their $80 dollar a month plan turns to $160 dollars a month. they CAN afford cable, but they choose not to have it, and blow their money some other way instead. this is not new, a lot of young people have no financial literacy.

Another thing I want to mention, People think that by Cutting the Cord / Cancelling Cable or Satellite or IPTV, they automatically THINK they need to replace their subscription with a steaming service or an antenna. That is NOT True. Its perfectly fine and normal behaviour for someone (like myself) to cancel their cable and NOT REPLACE IT WITH ANYTHING. After all, As you get older in life, married, have kids, etc, you start to realize you have almost no time for TV any more, so its a blessing in disguise. We all grow up and once we grow up we learn that we CAN live without TV. its not the end of the world either, we an always watch tv at our friends house or a relatives house and there's lots of FREE and LEGAL ways to get local programming using tools such as chromecast and free sites like CBC etc. There's also radio for our news fix, radio isn't going away either. I cancelled the cord almost 1 year ago, and I have been fine, I do not watch TV because im busy and have young children so i have no time for it, I only watch it once and a while when I go to my father in laws, or brother in laws or a bar. It worked out well for me. I am saving money I would be spending on something i would not utilize.
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@17671 - you bring up a good point - people pay a lot of money for various services that they barely use. I don't even have children or a long commute and barely get to watch an hour of TV on a weeknight (if I watch TV or anything at all), and on the weekends it's maybe up to 10 hours if I have nothing else going on and the weather is bad, however, in the summer my TV may stay off for days at a time.

I have an antenna, and pay-per-event for sports I pay to watch - and that gives me more then I could ever watch.

I'm a big fan of free radio (listen all day at work, during my drive, and doing tasks throughout the weekend) - especially the sports stations - why pay $50+tax or more for TSN and SN on TV when you can get almost every local sporting event for free on the radio (from the same networks in most cases)? Also I can pick up games from all over the place on the radio that aren't even on TV (except for even more $ in league passes). I bring my radio with me for walks, to the park, or even when I'm working out or working on tasks around the house - it's great, free, and I can keep on top of my favourite sports for nothing - and in fact radio has much more in depth commentary than TV. I barely watch a baseball game on TV, but probably listen to 100's a year on the radio starting this time of year through the playoffs - all for free.

I guess growing up in the 70's and 80's, and without any sports cable channels, radio was the only way to hear a game most nights, and you can pick up channels from all over the place - I've just grown up with it and I'm use to it - and use to the price.

In Southern Ontario, I can listen to baseball games from Toronto, New York (Mets and Yankees), Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago (Cubs), and Detroit on any given night with ease. Some nights I can pick up Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago (White Sox), and even further - and other games are on various sports channels without programming. If I don't like any of them, the radio broadcasts are usually free on the team's website.

I enjoy it - and enjoy saving the money.
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I've switched back to an antenna for TV several years ago. (If you have a broadcast license you have to broadcast).
Now I'm building a new house. It's like the contractor has no idea about how to run the cable. I'm going over this morning to roof mount the new antenna. They crushed my old antenna on on demo-ing the house.

But, to get new Internet and telephone service, I am going to have to pay almost as much as for the same service iwith TV. AND they are switching to the new "5G" and that leaves a lot of my WiFi devices obsolete (laptop, printer).

Laurie in Ladner BC with a DB8e
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Most home routers still broadcast dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, so all your existing home devices should be fine.

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Cutting the cord, that's going to look awesome when the lowest internet package is a $150 a month.
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Just trying to remove that damn setup progress bar.
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New 5G (or not quite 5G) Phones should also support Wi-Fi connection (which you should use for downloads, when available, to avoid cutting into your 5G "CAP").

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:
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If I don't like any of them, the radio broadcasts are usually free on the team's website.
Major League Baseball doesn't let radio stations' websites broadcast games freely. That said, I've subscribed to Gameday Audio for the last ten years or so, and at US$20 a year for every game for every team from spring through the playoffs, it's a fantastic deal. (I follow Detroit and live in Toronto, or else I'd just listen to every game for free on AM radio.)
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