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I use a mac Mini with Plex to view most of my video content through my Roku 3. On the Roku (through Plex), I watch CBC and use the native Hulu Plus and Netflix apps, plus view local files (movies mostly mkv format, music, photo) located on a 4 TB hard drive attached to the mac Mini. This gives me the benefit of a mac home computer, as well as a Plex server that can handle multiple Roku's. I bought a refurb from Apple for $510 and was going to build another HTPC but thought this was cheaper and more powerful for the price. The mac Mini is super quiet (can't hear it), uses about 30 watts of power, comes with loads of software, is very small and plays video very well with no hiccups. You can easily connect the mac Mini directly to your TV and bypass the Roku, or do that and have a Roku as a second or third device on other TV's.

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