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Its funny that this post just came up. I have another PVR unit from Bell, its the poor and sad 5900. It too needs a hard drive.

I would love to see any update for all the PVR units so we can put in solid state hard drives, this would end the skipping and all other drive related problems. The solid state drives have 1 million hours of life before failures, most mechanical drives we get are around 30,000.

When I get the 5900 apart, I will try a solid state, and if it works I will try a new style of solid state in the 9241 that I have - only if it has a firmware update from this year, if one is available. If its using the same old update from last fall I know it wont take the solid state.

I noticed there is a new Seagate Video 3.5 HDD, these drives are designed for PVR units, I may try this and let you know if there are any problems
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