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Angry never again !!!

after buying a camera and several lenses from Henry's. i decided to buy a telephoto sigma lens from them for an upcoming Alaska trip. About a few weeks after i bought it, i discovered it wasn't working, no autofocus, and rattling inside. I brought it back only to find out Henrys does not honor the warranty and had to ship it to Sigma for 4-6 weeks return time, past my departure to Alaska. Very disappointed. I explained to staff and they showed no concern whatsoever and basically said too bad.
Funny thing was i almost bought an alternative lens at Costco but my family convinced me to pay a bit more to support the "little guy" who might care a bit more. HA!! Now I have to buy another lens (this time at Costco) rather than go without it. I wasted 430 dollars at Henrys so:
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