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I didn't understand your post if you put them on Wind or not.

The reason I ask is because it's good to get reviews from different people from different areas. I read where people bash Wind and other love it. I beleive if one lives and works in a zone and if the reception is OK then the savings could be enormous!! As for LTE, I'm on Koodo and chose a pgone without it. My reasining was for what I use like emails and browsing oir watching a Youtube video HSPA+ is good for that. Also LTE drains the battery faster.

I don't have Wind here because Videotron bought all the spectrum. I wouldn't mind paying Wind prices even if there was a deadzone here and there. Heck I got dead zones with Videotron and it's more expensive than Wind.

So I'm hoping that Wind does well and that Videotron does not expand because they are like the Big 3.
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