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Have had 4 in the last week and a half.

All from a 1-855 number.

I've tried a different tact each time... They seem totally absorbed in their spiel and unable to comprehend what's said on the other end.

Once I asked "What is a computer?" (that generates quite a long-winded response that is completely unintelligible...) :-)

Tried the "don't have a computer" Similar to above...

Tried "Unable to understand your accent" (that one seems to slow them down a bit....)

Tried "dead silence.... then hang up"

I like the comments from others about asking them how they know it's MY computer... Will try that next...

As sure as the sun comes up over the edge of our flat earth, there will be more of these twerps calling.... :-)

Then of course there's the answer of Tux, the penguin... (Linux)....


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