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Here is a photo of my main wiring spot - I told you it wasn't pretty. This is where my home LAN wiring is terminated and it is where cable enters the house.

On the upper left is my 24 port switch. On the lower right of the cabinet is my Rogers CGN3 gateway (which is functionally just a modem as it is in bridge mode). Also on that shelf is my Asus RT-N66U router - unfortunately this is a terrible spot for a WAP since it is buried on the bowels of my large house. Hence the need for other WAPs.

In the photo you can also see a couple of RF distribution amps - one for OTA and one for cable. You can also see part of my SageTV home media server.

In the top right you can see a UPS and there is another one on the floor that isn't visible in this picture. In the bottom right of the photo there is a web power switch that can remotely power cycle an outlet from a web UI.

In several rooms I also have 8 or 5 port switches and I also use my WAPs as switches as well. For example I have at least two network drops in my main TV room but in the room I have an HTPC, IP cam, Xbox One, Xbox 360, HTPC, TV and AVR that all use wired ethernet.

p.s. I added a Philips Hue lighting hub on the weekend so I am up one more IP and I forgot the Bowers & Wilkins music player that is connected via wifi. That takes me up to 64 devices.
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