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Right now, just 3 things hardwired and actively used.
That is the HD-Homerun, HTPC, and Blu-Ray player (it has WiFi though).

Wireless, three PCs, one phone.

I have around, another PC or two I don't really use, a TiVo Series 2 (and a couple more) a couple Shaw 6xx series recievers, a tablet that needs a touch screen, an Xbox-360 with RROD/Error 86, and an old DLNA box. I am on the verge of building another PC (or rather upgrading my HTPC with a new Kabini board and APU).

The network, as it is, is a WRT54G with DD-WRT and the DSL modem, next to the HTPC feeding the mentioned devices there, and a 5 port Ethernet switch in the work room, feeding the home office (old Win XP machine, set aside, Netbook on WiFi now used), living room TV (nothing now), and porch (nothing now), with a port for the workroom PC (old athlon PC, not used much).
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