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@TorontoColin The 17 computers are not on all at the same time. For example, one runs my Doctor Who Tardis MAME Arcade Cabinet, one is my PinMAME Pinball cabinet, another is my Video Poker Touch Screen Machine, one is my Jukebox, one controls my Christmas/Halloween Light show, another is my main server, another one in the wood shop, one in the theatre, and so on.

When I upgrade motherboards, the replaced one becomes a new toy.that I build myself. I now have a spare computer in parts awaiting to become something new. I just don't know yet plus it has to go through the Board Council. Read: Wife.

Home Theatre: Yamaha HTR-6190, Klipsch Speakers, SANYO PLV-Z4, TOSHIBA HDDVD, LG BD555C, Cerwin Vega HTS12 Sub, VIP2300, XBox 360, HTPC.
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