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A friend got a call from one of these and was in the process of telling them she didn't have a computer and in the background on the phone she heard someone yelling "Stop speaking in that stupid accent and get your *** down here immediately!!" No number was shown on the call display....

I got one a few weeks ago and after the spiel started asking for repeats as I had trouble understanding the voice... After a couple of times I then asked for another repeat as I couldn't here over a loud hum (which was getting louder but hey... why not?) :-) At that point, behind the main person speaking I could here giggling... The hum was getting quite loud at this point... I said "Are you calling from Mars?" Then there was some unintelligible mumbling with "Mars" buried in it somewhere, then I added "Wouldn't you get much better call quality if you routed your call via Alpha Centauri?" At which the mumbling and hum faded in unison and I hung up.... The call display showed a foreign name along with a local phone number (keeping in mind VOIP number spoofing).

That doesn't beat the pizza one I had in the '90's and kept him on the phone for 55 minutes.... but that's another story... :-)


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