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Question Bell Fibe remote not compatible with MX-500??

This is a long shot, but here goes...

I just got Fibe TV, with the "slim" remote. Try as I might, I can't get it to train my MX-500 universal remote. In its day, the MX-500 was a high-end fully-featured remote. It can control up to 10 different devices, supports macros, command chaining, and lots more. I've had it for many years - it's configured to drive my HDTV, AV Receiver, CD player, DVD/BluRay player, and other units, with various macros programmed to simplify operation of all this high-tech stuff. Most importantly, it is fully wife-approved.

It's a learning remote. I've tried training it to learn the various IR codes from the Slim remote. It appears to properly receive and decode the incoming IR signals from the Fibe remote (its LCD display shows "GOOD" upon receiving the incoming IR pulses). And it's transmitting a IR signal when its buttons are pushed (verified by viewing with a digital camera). But the Fibe Receiver/PVR does not respond to any trained buttons.

The premise of abandoning the MX-500 is not appealing. I've tried various Harmony remotes, and they don't come close to its functionality or ergonomic design. I'm posting this on the off chance that another MX-500 aficionado has encountered the same issue (and figured out a solution).

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