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Originally Posted by Mach2billy
I tried calling the Apple Store last Sunday for information about RAM for my G4 iMac. They did have it in stock, but they wouldn't give out pricing information over the phone. They did say they would charge for installation too. It will be interesting to see how their prices compare to other stores.
Apple typically charges much more for RAM than third party vendors. Installation at an authorized Apple dealer around here is $30 if you buy the module, or $45 if you bring your own RAM for installation.

When looking at RAM, make sure it is tested and guaranteed compatible with the Mini (get this in writing), a goodly proportion of PC Generic RAM is not compatible, even though it is "PC2700" or "PC3200".

You can install the RAM in the Mini yourself, you need two flexible-blade putty knives (it helps if you grind the edge to a point too). There are videos and instructions on the 'net you can google for.


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