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Hugh I think it would be useful if you clarified your role in commenting on our service. I have now read your blog, and these responses, and it would be helpful, and ethical, if you would disclose whether you are wearing your hat as reviewer or as a consultant, which you have held yourself out to be. I point this out because frankly I find your reference to anything we have said as "deceptive" to be offensive, and disingenuous at best. We have already established that your recollections were not accurate, so it may be useful to target words like "deceptive" at anyone else very, very carefully.

You seem to be very knowledgeable about cloud technology and our business, so you should be able to draw a distinction between capability and ability. There is no question that our cloud service is capabale of providing the service anywhere. Knowledgable as you are about android as well, and having had the benefit of Alexei's demo you would know that our TV technology is deployable as an app, and as such our cloud-content can be accessed anywhere, on any android device. It just so happens that at this point we do not have the rights to do so. But to suggest that there is any limitation on our technology to keep the capability strictly within the wifi range of the home in question is know, the "D" word. Referring to straw men such as "some media reporters" who were citing what I "apparently" said is not really up to journalistic standards, which I don't know if you purport to maintain, which again gives rise to my suggestion that you disclose what hat you are wearing. Global in fact left before we had our press session so it is unlikely they would have gleaned that from us there, and in fact we said nothing in that press session to support your recollections. Finally, Susan confirmed that she told you of our limitations at this time, but certainly did not express those limitations in the context of capability, only ability, based on rights.I have more to say, but we should just let the posters weigh in on this one.
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