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Just curious as to why you guys aren't offering a local HDD based PVR solution? Since you guys are android based I'm sure it can be enabled easily with a software upgrade?
I was told by an expert in the industry that it was because Android could not offer the proper authentication technologies that a cable or IPTV box could because it was open source. According to the expert I spoke to, it was the reason that Zazeen could offer a local PVR and Vmedia couldn't. (apparently Zazeen uses closed source encryption which rightly or wrongly is considered more secure by content providers)

I'll let George comment on this further because he would know better.

As far a network PVR, Vmedia and Android has always been able to do that.

In addition, and George can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm not 100% sure if the PVR functionality on the Ethnic channels is really PVR functionality in the sense that we think of it.

The way Alexei told it to me (and george can clarify) Vmedia actually records every program on every Ethnic channel they offer for about 2 weeks and then offers it back as a network PVR service but is probably better described as a VOD service since each individual subscriber is not actually recording each individual show.

I was under the impression, but again George can help, that the network PVR functionality for the 17 OTA channels was the same idea. Record every show OTA and then allow users to play them back.

The reason I thought this is that it only applies to OTA channels which presumably Vmedia can record and offer (hence my analogy to Aereo), as opposed to cable channels which would require Vmedia to negotiate contracts and pay more money for.

Again George should be able to clarify.

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