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Sorry George.

I realize now that it was your boss who was discussing the PVR restrictions and I remember now that you weren't present.

For the record, when he was demoing the PVR functionality on the Ethnic channels, he said he would like to offer PVR functionality on the Canadian English channels but Vmedia was unable to. He implied it was a CRTC restriction not a technical constraint. It made sense since you could PVR everything back then for the Ethnic channels so I still don't understand why you couldn't do it for all the 60 or so channels you offer. Perhaps you could elaborate?

In reviewing, we had been discussing the fact that the CRTC required Vmedia to bundle internet / TV service together (for authentication purposes) so I thought both were regulatory restrictions.

I admit I can't clearly interpret what your first two sentences signify
Sorry let me drill down on them on both sentences individually since I didn't have much time when I posted.

Calling it a cloud based PVR service is pure marketing hype.
As I wrote in my article, I consider the "cloud" and "TV anywhere" labels to be hype because the reality is you can't watch the recorded shows anywhere, only within Wifi range of your home internet connection.

Cloud and TV Anywhere imply you can watch shows that you have recorded anywhere you have an internet connection. Some media reporters at the bar yesterday, including Global, erroneously reported you could watch recordings anywhere in the world you had an internet connection apparently based on information they received during your press session. (I was unable to make it so I am only going by what several reporters wrote) To clarify, I spoke to Susan at your office today who confirmed what I wrote so I think its fair to say that calling it "TV anywhere" is deceptive. I'll let other posters weigh in on that one.

Not sure why you misunderstood this. Its just a link to my complete article where I discuss your new service. hope that helps.

You do raise a question though.

If "There was and is nothing keeping s from doing client side PVR, and we can" then why only offer network PVR service for 17 OTA channels and not for all channels you carry? (see my next post for why I thought you were only carrying the OTA channels.)

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