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I'm a fan of Panamax but Both are trusted brands.

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As hugh says, both are trusted brands and will do an excellent job. Two advantages to the particular Belkin you are looking at: two more oulets than the Panamax (13 vs 11) and the front outlet is covered when not in use which just (IMO) looks better.
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Is Panamax made by Panasonic?
No. Separate companies.

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Hi, I'm considering between Panamax 5100-pm or Belkin pf-60. Which one is better quality and wich won would you buy?

Is Panamax made by Panasonic? and is it true that Belkin has alot of return because of defects? I read that on a other thread.

Belkin offers level 4 filter and Panamax level 3, does this make a difference?

Also I notice that the Panamax m5400-pm has Voltage Regulation
"Improve system performance and prolong equipment life by providing a consistent level of optimal power to your equipment".

When I use my laser printer it dims the lights in my office and living room, this option should cure my diming? and should better protect my home thearter? or would a lesser model like Panamax 5300 and Belkin would be enough.

Also can I get a equivalent product like the m5400-pm from a other companies in around $450.

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rayvick, I think you need to assess your needs then examine which model would be right for you rather than simply posting a lot of questions here. These companies all offer different models based on different needs.

I have merged all your posts into one and I highly recommend you do your research first and then ask your questions. Most of your questions, such as who owns Panamax, and what levels of pwer conditioning each offer, could all be answered by simply visiting the companies respective websites

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For those who shop at Costco.

I was in a local electronics reseller and notice they were selling the Tripp-Lite SmartPro Digital 1000 LCD UPS for $240 CDN. A week later I was at Costco and saw a Tripp-Lite Omni 1000 LCD UPS for $100 CDN.

After scouring Tripp-Lite's web site I could not find any specs on the Costco unit, the model that did measure up exactly was the SmartPro Digital 1000 LCD. So I got wondering and contacted Tripp-Lite as to what the Omni 1000 was closest to, the reply, they are identical to the Smart Pro Digital only the Omni is made for Costco so you won't see it anywhere else. Well, for $140 plus taxes in my pocket I bought the Costco model.

Results: I noticed a better PQ on my Sharp Aquos immediately, especially on the SD channels. I also see the incoming power readout fluctuate quite a bit, the lowest has been 109 volts never more than 120.
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Hi guys,

Ok so I have researched Ad Nauseum, but I am still hesitating between 2 models and I need your opinion:

Belkin Pure AV Power center PF60
Panamax 5300 or 5100

which is better quality wise, they are pretty much the same feature wise. The Panamax would come out to about 100$ more for me than the Belkin (********)

I will be running a Pioneer PDP-5010FD/PS3/HD PVR/XBOX 360/SACD player/Home Theater receiver to be purchased, Yamaha or Denon

Thanks for your input
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Looking For UPS/Surge Protector For HT And Computers...

Hi All,

I am looking for an UPS/Surge Protector to use for my HT and another for my office/computer room.

Some that I am considering include (links are to manufacturer's websites):

Tripp Lite Smart 1000 LCD:

Tripp Lite Smart 1500 LCD:

Belkin 1500VA:

The big advantage the 1500 Tripp Lite has over the 1000 is that all 8 outlets are on a UPS versus 4 on the 1000. The voltage can go lower while on the battery as well.

For my HT it is mainly the RPTV (for the fan) and the PVR that would really benefit from battery backup. I have 2 laptops and a PC in the office so the PC would get more on an immediate benfit from the UPS (although the UPS would give battery backup before the laptop batteries would have to kick in).

Any thoughts? Any other units I should be considering? I will probably use the UPS in the upright position in the HT and black will blend in better. I have not researched APC much but would consider them and any other well recommended brands. My budget is $100-$300.

Oh, and I saw that my thread on this I posted yesterday was deleted. I had put in retailer links and it thus got pulled. My apologies for violating the digital home rules.
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The big advantage the 1500 Tripp Lite has over the 1000 is that all 8 outlets are on a UPS
I view this as a big disadvanage. I want to be able to plug some high current devices in without worrying about the runtime of the battery (TVs without fans, AVRs, Subwoofers, Printers and lights in the computer room, etc). I don't care that some devices go 'down' when there is a power failure. I only plug devices into the UPS side that need to keep operating - PVR, PVR external drive and if I had a TV with a fan. In this way a smaller UPS can do the trick, especially if the TV doesn't require a UPS.

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Thanks for the feedback 57. Any "real world" need for the lower range of the 1500 (it will go down to 75V without battery versus 89 for the 1000).

I guess 100% battery backup on the 1500 would be better in my computer room.

I just checked up on the Belkin as well and sure enough all of its outlets are on the battery.

So, of these three options I have investigated so far:

Tripp 1000: 4 on battery, 4 off battery

Tripp 1000: All 8 on battery

Belkin: All 8 on battery

Any other options I should consider? Would the Tripp 1500 give me that much more protection than the 1000?
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I found another option so I now have 4 units I am checking out.

The latest one that piqued my interest in this price range is the APC 1300LCD. It has 6 outlets on the battery and 2 off the battery.

From what I have been reading it seems like the outlets on battery with these units have the AC power up the battery, then the invertor takes the DC from the battery and puts it out to AC to the outlet. In this instance it seems that the power would be "conditioned" and consistent with protection against spikes, variances etc.

Based on 57's earlier post isn't it better to have all your power coming in this way? Sure the battery will need to be replaced sooner; but isn't the power "safer" as it is coming from the invertor? Essentially the battery in the UPC is what is at risk from "dirty" power.

This is how I am seeing this based on what I have read. If my inference is in error please feel free to set me straight.

At any rate I am looking at:

APC 1300 LCD:
-6 outlets on battery
-2 outlets surge; but no battery
-320 joules

Belkin 1500VA:
-8 outlets on battery
-1000 joules

Tripp Lite 1000LCD:
-4 outlets on battery
-4 outlets surge; but no battery
-480 joules

Tripp Lite 1500LCD
-8 outlets on battery
-480 joules

I have to admit that I am still a real newbie with these things. One thing that really stands out is the joules rating with Belkin standing way out in front; especially compared to the APC unit. How would this joule rating matter to me?

Are there any other specs I should be looking out for? Based on reviews I have read people are writing favourable things about all these units. The Belkin got great reviews except for one reviewer that slammed all over it.

Anyways any other options I should be considering? Any opinions on the units I have on my "short list"?
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Go for the APC ! I was in the market for a UPS a few weeks ago and tried the Belkin and Tripp-Lite. I returned the Belkin because it was running very WARM and has a plastic like odour - constantly. I switched to the Tripp-Lite 1000 but it was running too hot for my liking too. I eventually got the APC 1050VA - it runs cool, no heat, no odour and has a very user friendly software that came with it.

One other factor-"Support"; I called Belkin support on the odour and heat problems and the response was very poor. I got a call back from them three days after I returned the unit. I called APC support to ask if the software is compatible with Vista - within minutes I got a response. Very impressive.
You can use the selector on their website to help you determine how much power you need and which of the models to buy.

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Power Bars, Cables Etc

I've posted this advice before, but I can't say it enough. If you have a Princess Auto store where you live, go check out what they have for all your home theatre wiring, power bars etc.

So far, HDMI cables have not shown up, from what I've seen, but I may have missed them. However, they do get in brand name cables, power bars etc, and sell them for dirt cheap. I've seen Monster toslink, video and audio cables and power bars, purchased a few myself, Acoustic Research top end cables are a regular there too.

I've just returned from there today after picking up a couple of very soundly built power bars under the brand of Phillips. They rated at 4000 joules with a guarantee of $400,000. They have 8 power outlets, cable and phone hook-ups as well it's also encased in metal with a very heavy power cable all for $49.

My advice, check Princess Auto out on a regular basis. If I need a cable or anything along those lines, I check them out before anywhere else.
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That's great advice Prism! There is a Princess Auto off the 401 just West of Kitchener that I pass by from time to time. I will check them out!
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My take

I'm in full agreement about the overpriced cable game, but my opinion is if I can get these products for next to nothing, why not?

They may not make a huge difference, or any, but they are, or seem to be overbuilt for most applications. The one thing I do like is the quality of the connectors etc. The component cables I picked up below have high quality locking RCA ends, you don't get that with the cheap ones.

Having said all that, it might not make a difference on the screen, but as I said above, if I can pick these up for next to nothing, why wouldn't I buy them? I hazard to think that this issue of high priced vs low priced wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the inflated prices being charged when the benefits don't always justify the higher cost.

Checking out priness auto is worth it if you have a location near you.

Last edited by 57; 2008-02-24 at 01:21 AM. Reason: Pricing removed.
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power protection

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