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I've got one of these, Visions had some about this time last year and it cost around $220. I've got my Telus PVR, PS3, DVD & Android tablet hooked up to it and it sounds great and just works, no messing around to figure out why sound isn't coming out. The only down side is that the remote is a little cluttered, but for the money I would highly recommend it.
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Hi. I've asked this question before to no avail but I'll dare again. Does anyone have hands-on experience with both Yamaha YSP3000 (B) and 4100 or 5000 soundbars?

I own the 3000 and would like to upgrade to the 5000 for the (somewhat) wider body which would give it somewhat improved stereo image.

Anyone? Thanks.

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I will throw in an update on the Yamaha YHT-S400 Sound System. I purchased it a week after my previous post in Sept. So I must say that it is simply amazing. The sound that comes out of it just blows me away. The bass sounds like something you would expect out of a really good 8 inch or decent 10 inch subwoofer and this thing only has a 5 inch sub. It wasn't that hard at all to get set up. My wife and I couldn't be any happier with the purchase.

As far as the Panasonic Sound bars go, we have one for our kid. It is an SU-HTB15. We really can't complain about that either as it sounds pretty good. Not as good as the Yamaha, but pretty decent.
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Question Sound bar advice

Not sure if this is the right part of this forum to request advice on this issue.. but as a good number of people have recently taken advantage of the Telus Promo and are now owners of the LG 42LN5700 TV..

As a new owner of the LED TV 42LN5700 I am interested in improving the quality of the sound and I would like to consider a medium priced sound bar. My research and looking at customer reports indicate that some sound bars work and some don't.. that there are a lot of technical incompatible issues to deal with. So..

Have any other owners of this promotion added a sound bar that they are happy with and, that is totally compatible with the TV and the Telus STB system. Has Telus ever recommended something?

I went in to Best Buy to look at my options.. and the sales person.. seeming knowledgeable..was vague about whether or not the remote that comes with the STB (Slimline) would work with various models.. if any.

Thoughts from anyone who has been through this would be most appreciated.

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I haven't looked at the TV closely, but your best bet may be an LG sound bar that supports LG's "Sound Sync".

Most STB remote controls don't have the codes to control sound bars directly.

Here's another workaround to connect the audio from the STB directly to the sound bar and control the volume of the STB, rather than the volume of the sound bar:

If you use that method, you will have to turn the sound bar power on or off manually or use it's own remote.

The method you choose may also limit the other devices you can connect, such as Blu-ray player or game console.
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My advice would be to pick the best sound bar for your price range and get a Harmony 650 remote to control all devices.

I have a Sony HT-CT150 sound bar that I picked up from Visions for $200, it vastly improves the sound from my LG TV. Its not the most expensive or feature packed but the sound quality is excellent and as it has HDMI In/Out I can connect multiple devices via HDMI without the need for additional HMDI ports on the TV.

I recently got fed up with the 'fat' Telus remote and having one for my PS3 & another for the sound bar so bought a Harmony 650, it controls everything and is very simple to set up.
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I agree with the universal remote idea. In our bedroom we have a TV, Blu-Ray player and sound bar. We use a harmony remote to control them. The harmony software makes programming very easy. Our only issue is spotty USB port function for syncing the remote the odd time that we want to change/add/remove a function (we've had the remote for at least 6 years, so no surprise there, really).
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I am so tempted to try out the yamaha ysp-2200, but with so many devices do u think its worth it for me?


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post #174 of 204 (permalink) Old 2014-02-03, 11:01 PM
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Panasonic SC-HTB370

Has anyone any experience with this sound bar and the Optik TV remote and The LG 42LN5700 TV?
I like the idea of having the sound bar split and vertical..
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Sound bars and bass (Philips HTL5110/F7 in my case)


I don't have much experience with sound equipment. I have always owned stock car stereos and relatively cheap boom boxes. Plus I never actually bought a sound system for any of my previous tvs. But now that I got a new TV with rear-facing speakers (Samsung LED UN46EH5000FXZC), I wanted to upgrade my sound experience a bit. I live in a medium apartment so a sound bar seemed like a wise choice. I shopped online and finally settled for a Philips HTL5110/F7 sound bar on for $200 CA.

I received the bar in the mail, hooked it up with a optical cable running from my TV and paired the wireless subwoofer. Now, I do find that the sound coming from the bar is ''crisper''. It is easier to understand dialogue (I use OTA programming). However, I also find the bar itself sound a little... tiny. A little metallic maybe. Like not a single low-spectrum sound is actually produced by the bar itself. It seems like all the bass is coming from the subwoofer, and even then, the sub only seems to activate for loud basslines and other sounds of that type.

In a way, I'm feeling I'm missing on a certain range of low sounds. And here's my question : do you think this is normal? Do all sound bars relegate the bass exclusively to their subwoofer? Am I the one to blame? (i.e. is it an acquired taste?)

It's just that I thought the sound bar would greatly upgrade my experience, but as it is now, it is merely a little better (granted, this is a relatively cheap sound bar).

Anyway, any input would be appreciated.
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Looking at the specifications in the manual, I saw this under "FTC Total Output Power"

Left + Right: 24W (1%THD, 8ohm, 300Hz-20kHz) • Subwoofer: 38W (1%THD, 4ohm, 30Hz-70Hz)

So either the system won't produce sounds between 70-300Hz, or the actual output level of those specific frequencies are much lower than other frequencies. Either way, it would definitely help explain what you are describing.

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From the manual, page 12.

as indicated in the post above, there seems to be a big "hole" in the frequency response between 70Hz and 300Hz, where a lot of bass would be. I think those specs may be in error though because it's unlikely the sub goes down to 30Hz and it's likely that it goes higher than 70 Hz.

The speakers in the main unit are 3" and you really cannot expect a lot of bass from such a small speaker, so yes, the bass will come from the sub. You may wish to listen to other sound bars and read earlier posts in this thread on the topic. You cannot expect audiophile sound from anything costing this amount of money though, although it should sound better than most TVs.

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post #178 of 204 (permalink) Old 2014-05-27, 09:48 PM
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Thanks a lot for the explanations. At least it proves I'm not crazy about not hearing a certain range much.

On a side note, with a little bit more testing time under my belt tonight the bar does sound pretty good in the end. Even if it sounds a little bit tiny, I can hear the diffrent ''channels'' more clearly than on the TV's speakers which kinda melts them together.

Again, thanks a bunch.
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Frequency ranges are typically within a certain level, for example +-3dB. That does not mean there is no sound produced, it just means the sound is at a level outside the specified range. In this case the dB range isn't specified so expect the worst.

I find that "holes" in the sound is pretty typical of cheaper speaker systems. It's also very typical of small speakers and speakers that have no built in midrange or passive woofer. A good 5.1 speaker system will depend on a passive woofer in the front speakers to reproduce frequencies down to about 80-100Hz but will be capable of lower frequencies, say down to 40-50Hz. That's a bit much to expect of a compact sound bar but it should be able to provide a low end that reaches the high end of the sub.
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I got this in the US for $250 and it's amazing. Quality of sound is very clear.
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