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An alternative to pricey cables is to make your own.

Following the link: I found it costs about $200 US for the required tools, a stripper and a crimper with a die set for the connectors you plan on using.

Then it will cost about 35 cents a foot for top-quality Canare L-5CFB single cable or about $1.35 per foot for Canare V3-5CFB colour coded component cables (3 cables in a single sleeve). Add to this the cost of RCA crimp-on connectors . . . about $2.80 ea.

I wish I had done this many years ago.

You get precisely the cable length you need and you KNOW they are darned good cables!

I know it is hard to swallow that first $200 for the tools, but, for those of us who are audio/video hobbiests for the long haul, this seems a pretty good way to go.
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....another option is to get cables from some of the reputable online built-to-order vendors that use components from professional grade suppliers like canare & belden & neutrik among others & build custom sized cables, be they interconnects or speaker lines. Not as cheap i guess as diy, but not near as ridiculous as the latest witch's brew snake oil cable vendor....that oddly enough may use the same raw components anyways.

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I have all the tools and materials required for DIY Canare L-5CFB or V3-5CFB cables. Shoot me an e-mail or PM if you decide you're going to go Canare, I can beat most of the prices you can find online.
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The idea is to get a well built cable that works without any signal degradation (for video).

I won't even start into the audio side of things...I've probably got voice in my heads that have preferences for certain bransd.
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Originally Posted by RNAChemist
The point is that any cables are going to be fine. Does get suckered/pressured into buying Monster because they will not out perform less expensive brands.

I like Accoustic research for good quality and decent price.
Agreed, I have always had good results with the Acoustic Research stuff, its readily available and I can afford it.
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No need for Monster cables!

I saw a thread in some other forum that suggested looking at for cables. I just received my 15' DVI and 12' component cables. I paid $14 us total plus $8 shipping.

These cables work great and seem to be of excellent quality. I recently upgraded my equipment and entertainment centre so I had to get new cables because my MONSTER cables were too short.

From the time I ordered the cables to the time they were at my front door was less than a week. Great deal no matter how you look at it. Also the selection of cables is amazing.... DVI to HDMI, component, s video, ect everything imaginable is avaliable.
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post #52 of 372 (permalink) Old 2005-12-08, 02:24 PM
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I have a problem with salespeople pushing these expensive cable, and well as the $400 spike protectors. On the whole, a big waste of money. Recently at The Source the sales tried to sell me $150 component cables, say I should buy the less expensive ones because they would'nt give me a good picture. At which point I said 'Then why are you selling them?!' I left without purchasing and bought some where else.

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Do I Need Luxury Cables

I did notice a difference when I added good ( not luxury) quality analog interconnects for my CD player vs the walmart brand I was using. I am still unsure whether or not Digital out is better. My last AV receiver was crappy and the processor on the Mrantz CD player was better hence analog was the route to go. I think analog sounds warmer.

I made myself some better quality speaker cables . A small incremental diff was noticed.

I use Monster video cables . The only reason was that they were cheap on ebay.
There was a very small difference that perhaps only I would notice. The colours and definitions seem brighter and more distinct.

Bottom line for me is that I would still not use the cables that come with the box.
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post #54 of 372 (permalink) Old 2005-12-12, 12:38 PM
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I like Accoustic research
I find that AR is the worst value on the market. AR is one of the lowest quality of the premium brands and their prices are unreasonably high. A lot of AR stuff is even a worst deal than Monster because AR components do not do what they say and AR misrepresents build quality of the components. At least Monster components are well made, even if they are overpriced.
I personally have NEVER seen, or heard, a difference between a cheap cable and a costly one.
There are better cables out there, especially for analog connections. It is not necessary to pay Monster prices. Whether they make a difference depends on your other components, the condition and quality of your present cables, the environment, the quality of the source material, your eysight , your hearing and your state of mind. Many people do not appreciate the difference. They can use any cable they like. Others will appreciate the difference good quality cables make.

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post #55 of 372 (permalink) Old 2005-12-16, 11:15 PM
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Cheap cables

There is a difference between video and audio:

video = signal

audio = driving something that is not powered.

You can get high end audio cables on ebay for cheaper prices... for audio, it's worth it.

I am going to go online and buy the $.99 HDMI cable now.

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post #56 of 372 (permalink) Old 2005-12-17, 07:37 AM
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High end cables are most often purchased on faith. Personally, I would rather know the performance of the cables before spending that kind of money on them.

I made my own component video cables a while back. I can't remember the specifics now, but I do recall referencing independant test results that showed the commercial Belden cable I selected actually outperformed the top-of-the-line Monster cable at the time. Admittedly, the quality of the terminations is also important.

By all means, buy good cables. But we shouldn't continue to support this marketing strategy that preys on ignorance and sucks 800% more out of our pockets for cables that are 5% better.

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Originally Posted by candrusiak
Agreed, I have always had good results with the Acoustic Research stuff, its readily available and I can afford it.
Even Acoustic Research cables are a little overpriced... I was looking for a 3 meter HDMI cable recently and checked out Acoustic Research's and saw that their 4 meter cable was going for $99. I got a 3 meter HDMI by Cables Unlimited from TigerDirect instead for less than half that price.
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Shorter Cables.... ....the next logical upgrade

How long before we see this:

Most interconnect cable are about 1metre long. By using shorter cables you can increase the throughput of your digital signals. These interconnects are .25 or .3m that's a 300 to 400%, measurable, increase in throughput (for a single bit alone!) compared to the longer cables. Shorter cables are specifically designed to limit "time domain" effects on the signal. Your amp and your source will be closer in time while reproducing your program.

.3m cable $200.00
.25m cable $300.00
.2m cable $400.00 special order only.

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For HDMI/DVI cables or Logic Computer warehouse are good cheap sources.

For component and other analog connections XS Cargo (as a few people have said) was very cheap, but last time I checked they didn't have any stock. Sam's club had a good deal on a whole set of cables a while back, maybe they still do.

As for the speaker wire debate, I always wonder what an electron would have to say:

Expensive Cable - "ooh, ahhh, this fancy geometry sure does feel mighty fine, it must have cost a bundle, I'm gonna make sure I sound good for this guy"

Coat Hanger - "boy guys, this feels like a cheap old coat hanger, no way I'm making a round trip on this sucker"

Wasn't it mandatory for us to take grade 9/10 physics/chemistry? Maybe those who skipped the classes are paying for it now?
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This past weekend I used a $30 AR component set and a $30 Source 12' optical cable to set up a friend's HT. Both work great.

simplicity is genius...
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