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Thumbs down Henrys online store

Firstly, this store used to be good, but looks like they made enough profit now and don't need more sales. I ordered a Nikon D610 online, order showed up as authorized within a few minutes on Henry's site, it also showed up on my credit card which i confirmed with my bank. I called next day at 4pm only to find that they were waiting to confirm my credit card details, strange that no one actually called me. I confirmed my details of course and paid extra for priority shipping. The rep asked me to call back for a tracking number as they have no way of emailing my tracking number. When i called back in an hour, good news was Henry's got my money, still no one had any idea when the product would be shipped. I emailed customer care, which said the product was no in stock in the warehouse, so it would be shipped (by regular mail) from Waterloo (to Toronto) and then shipped by priority mail from there. Made no sense to me, as they shouldn't charge me if they don't have stock! If im paying for priority mail, if the item can be shipped straight from Waterloo... so i asked this question" why am i waiting after paying for priority, and why can't you just ship from Waterloo to my address?" and the account manager promptly cancelled my order. However, Simon decided not to refund my money, as of today its been 5 days and Henry's still has my money, for a product they never sold me! I recommend not buying anything online from Henrys, their systems don't talk to each other, employees are unresponsive and clearly callous, and account managers couldn't care less.
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