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MoCA adapters to reach some rooms; Rogers Internet/Cable subscriber

I did a major renovation on my house about 3 years ago and stupidly didn't run Cat5. I have a decent router, Asus RT-N66U, but still some rooms struggle with streaming video. (I have a Patriot Box Office media player on every TV). I've tried wifi extenders (Amped Wireless repeaters) but they're not great for high bandwidth video. I tried a DLINK powerline kit (the 500 meg ones) and despite my house having been rewired with new electrical wires (romex) and a new circuit panel, the speed on powerline was terrible. So now I've searched the web, and see that MoCA is supposedly a better performer than powerline.

Does anyone have any experience with Actiontec MoCA adapters and rogers cable/internet? The coax in my house is split by rogers and reaches like 7 rooms. Since the only place to buy these seems to be amazon, I want to get some feedback before I make the purchase... and why do so few companies make MoCA?
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