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What pain in the *** this is turning out to be. I've bought a hard drive that meets or exceeds the specs Delta Cable has had on the web page - 7200 rpm & 16M cache - a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB with 64M cache. Have it mounted in a hard drive dock that is fully eSATA compliant, a Vantec NextStar Superspeed NST-D400SU3-BK. Still having issues.

Screen goes black, no sound - click to a new channel, get picture and sound but Info window stays on screen and system is now frozen until the external drive is turned off.

Call tech support and they will only counsel you on the drives they support. Can't blame them for that. However.... try finding one of those supported drives in a local store! I've been to several Future Shops, BestBuy's, NCIX, and Memory Express. And online.... almost impossible to find in Canada. One Cdn reseller wants $293 for what should be a $140 unit.

I'll be checking out the Shaw stores tomorrow to see what they have and how much. Will also look at ordering a WD AV-GP drive which supposedly is optimized for DVR/PVR applications. But... these drives seem to have a fairly high failure rate fresh out of the box.

It looks to me that with the emergence of USB3.0 that the manufacturers are moving away from eSATA external drives. Yet stores like NCIX and Memory Express still stock many bare external enclosures with eSATA ports. I would think Eastlink would want to do some internal testing of these units and find a combo that works. Of course, if the oem Motorola boxes have a fatal flaw in them, what's the point.

Is the Maestro system any better for external expansion? This system uses the same "supported" external drives as with the DCX3400 so same issues again with finding a unit.

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